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Title: SocialSecretary

Name: Saml Leedham & Sophie Otter

Biography: ************************************************ Sam Leedham: Average Bolt: 7.04s (pint)*************** Skills, Qualifications and Academic Achievements: • Only resat A Levels once • Amateur fresher challenge completer for EUSC (since September 2017) • Once bolted a bottle of mustard in 8 seconds dead (Welsh Dragon, 2017) • Loud shouty voice • Only been described as “too keen” by 14 different women.****************************************** Sophie Otter: Hi, I’m Sophie, also known as ‘Sophie 1 shOtter’. You’ll see me at socials, doing my best to ensure everyone is safe, having a good time and any other ‘social sec’ responsibilities that are thrown at me. I am in my second year of dabbling with a Law degree, hopefully you’ll be seeing my face again in third year. I like sailing boats. All different kinds.


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